Výrobce v současné době nic nevyrábí.


2013 - Founding
2017 - MazerCup Silvermedal "Traditional SemiSweet" with the BlackLabel NorseMet
80/100 Points "Traditional Sweet" with BlackLabel Milfion
2018 - 92/100 Points "Open Category Sweet" at MazerCup with "Professor Bienlein"
88/100 Points "Traditional Sweet" at MazerCup with "Fleur de Miel".
2018 - GoldMedal "miód pitny" at KraftRoku in Poznan with BlackLabel NorseMet

Výroba medoviny

Mead is produced in the old, simple way:
Warm water is mixed with honey and fermented up to half a year.
After fermentation the young mead runs through a Pasteurizer and get to mature in either steel tanks or barriques from 6months to 1year.
All meads (beside of special small batches) are organic CH-BIO certified.

Další produkce

Swiss Honey from the own dark honeybees Apis Melifera Melifera in low numbers.