Daily mead tastings

Every day you can come without reservation for short guided tastings, when we introduce you from 5 to 10 different local meads. Duration of tasting is from 20 minutes or longer, depends on how quickly you will drink... You will always get a tasting set with 5 samples and short details about these samples. Then you sit on bar chairs and enjoy mead how long you want. If we have a time, we can answer your other questions about mead.

Variant Samples Tasting Price Price
Short set 5 basic tasting of different kinds 130 CZK € 5,20
Varietal set 5 classical flower and 4 varietal honey meads 170 CZK € 6,80
Archival set 5 2 classical meads & 3 archival 195 CZK € 7,80
Complete set 10 complete tasting of 10 different meads of all mead categories 230 CZK € 9,20

Mead tasting - single samples

Every day you can come and taste separetely one by one and choose from over 20 types of meads - see current mead tasting list

Sample Volume classical mead varietal honey or special mead archive mead barrique mead
small 0,4 dl 30 CZK 40 CZK 50 CZK 70 CZK
large 1 dl 55 CZK 70 CZK 90 CZK 120 CZK
carafe 2,5 dl 95 CZK - - -  

Guided mead tastings for groups

These tastings we lead mainly in evenings for groups of min. 10 people. You need to book a guided tasting at least 2 days before. The tasting room is closed for other tastings so you can get maximum service from us.

Tasting Option Samples Duration Price Price
Basic mead types overview
6 60 min. 350 CZK € 14,00
Increased number of different mead types
10 90 min. 460 CZK € 18,40
Samples including archive and limited editions
12+ 120 min. 600 CZK € 24,00

Prices are for 1 person. Tasting are lead in English. Minimum 10 drinking attenders. This type of tasting includes refreshment  - bread, cheese etc.

You can come without reservation, after 6PM or for group 4+ people we kindly recommend to book a place.