Meads and other bee products

Our shop specilizes on meads, however these are complemented with a complex honey product offering. You can buy honey for general consumption, favourite meads for even the most demanding consumers or gifts for your family and friends or for special occasions or company events. 

  • over 70 types of traditional meads from approx. 30 mead producers from Czech republic and Slovakia.
  • 10-20 different honeys from regional bee keepers - flower honey, forest honey, single-flower-type honeys (acacia, linden, ...)
  • other bee products - pollen, propolis tincture, honey cosmetics
  • gift selection - gift packaging of meads and honey products, exclusive limitted editions, gift vouchers for the shop (for amount of you choice), gift vouchers for tasting events
  • mead tasting - we offer daily or guided tasting

Mead tasting - daily

Every day you can taste over 20 types of meads - see current mead tasting list

Sample Volume standard mead single-flower mead archive mead barrique mead
small 0,5 dl 35 CZK 45 CZK 55 CZK 75 CZK
large 1 dl 55 CZK 70 CZK 90 CZK 120 CZK
carafe 2,5 dl 95 CZK - - -

Mead mojitos and other drinks

We are proud to offer our original alcoholic mixed drinks based on mead. Every day in summertime we prepare our special mead coctails, especially our original mead mojito.

Drink Price Price
Mead mojito L (0,33) 95 CZK € 3,80
Mead mojito XL (0,50) 135 CZK € 5,40

We accept credit cards

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