During our guided tasting events, you will learn about history and production of mead, experience its diversity of tastes and discover traditional regional meads and their producers. We will also teach you how to recognize a high quality mead and provide you the opportunity to samle the tastes for yourself. It is a truly unique experience, which you cannot find anywhere else.

What we go through during our tasting events:

  • what is mead
  • mead history and is regional tradition in Central Europe
  • basic information about beekeeping and different types of honey (incl. tasting of different honeys)
  • how is mead produced
  • what different types of meads exist, how do they differ from each other (demonstrated directly by tasting)
  • how to recognize quality traditional mead and what to avoid in shops
  • how to select best mead as a gift for your family, friends or business partners
  • what are the goals and vision of our Mead museum project
  • free discussion / Q&A

After every tasting, you can buy bottles of tasted meads (volumes ranging from 0.1 l to 0.75 l) or other honey products at advantageous prices.