Set contains

Luboš Nosek: Medovina Beekeeping NosekCZ6901
Medovina 14,0% sweet
Jiří Velek: Radomilicka medovina with propolis Radomilicka medovinaCZ0503
Radomilicka medovina with propolis 12,0% sweet
JANKAR PROFI, s.r.o.: Mead from forest honey Dr. BojdaCZ2905
Mead from forest honey 13,0%
Jiří Sláma: Staroceska medovina (Old Bohemian Mead) (barrique) Vcelarstvi SlamaCZ2711
Staroceska medovina (Old Bohemian Mead) (barrique) 13,0% sweet herbal hops spiced
Včelco s.r.o.: Medovina Ribezlova (Blackcurrant mead) VčelcoSK0405A
Medovina Ribezlova (Blackcurrant mead) 13,0% sweet currant


Special shop a bar with mead a and honey products. Only in Prague.

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