I hope that you were satisfied with the purchase of mead in our store and that you feel like breaking into the secrets of other types of mead from Central Europe.

Complete Czech catalogue available online

When we started shipping abroad and launched the English mutation of e-shop, we thought that it would be better if we select only a part of the products, top products, because at that time we had over 100 types of mead on offer. But many of you are very good at looking for your meads and noticed our local Czech e-shop with other items and made orders directly there. This year we really had to react, and we published a complete catalogue of mead also in the international version. It took us a while to translate the descriptions of the individual products, and now we are continuously correcting them again so that you can learn the most detailed story about every bottle and every meadery. Now we have more than 150 different meads in our store.

List of the latest added meads in e-shop

Shipping from €9 

We added new shipping service Zasilkovna (Packeta Group) for you. So now you can get your mead at much lower prices, for smaller orders about 30-70% cheaper than UPS. We also have new prices from UPS from February and some delivery zones are a little cheaper, some a little more expensive. But pricing very depends on every country.

Complete new shipping price list: https://eshop.medovinarna.com/delivery-terms-and-shipping-cost/

Delivery to U.K. is stopped, but we are working on it

Brexit has cut off some of you, customers in U.K., and we are very sorry about that. But the administrative things associated with processing exports outside EU is disproportionate. But we solve it, we are ideally looking for some business partners and local distributors. The same applies to other non-European countries. We want to satisfy the demand for mead from Central Europe as soon as possible. We will certainly inform all of you in the UK when the mead road to you reopens.

Mead trends in Czech republic

About 3 years ago, fruit meads (melomels) was produced only marginally in the Czech Republic. Also, most meaderies had their permanent offer without major changes. I approached many of them to try a something new, to start experimenting and make types of mead which are very rare to buy but I believed that they became famous. Although the Czech countries are more of a cradle of metheglins, natural mead made only from honey without adding spices or herbs is becoming more and more popular. Last year, many meaderies came with new melomels, and we can offer you now several dozen of them. I people like it all !

Pleva family is now fully in making melomels in many limited editions: I personally love these: jostaberry mead, peach young mead or cherry young mead.

Mr. Dvorak is making new meads with dried fruits and there are great. I like all of them: Elderberry honey wine, Rosehip honey wine, Rowan honey wine or Aronia honey wine.

Increasingly, producers are moving to traditional production and keeping mead maturated in oak barrels.

New oak aged meads in our store which I would recommend are:

Many other archive meads you can find on e-shop.

In category of classical natural meads got the first positions of sells last year these meaderies:

Mead available in barrels or bag-in-boxes

For larger events and special occasions like celebrations, meeting with friends or wedding, we offer mead in larger volumes: 3-5 litres bag-in-boxes or 5-10 litres plastic canisters.

Special Easter offer - free bonus samples

If you do your order at least €100 you we get free 5 small samples of Czech or Slovak meads. Valid for one week to April 5th 2021 !

Hope you are all healthy and keep strong during these strange period. Drink mead to feel good !
Enjoy Easter !

best regards
Jiri Poucek

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