Mielatia, the first meadery in Rioja

Mielatia Meadery

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Mielatia is the first meadery in Rioja. We produce different types of organic meads, incliding traditional, cysers, pyments, melomels, metheglins, special meads, as well as derivates like mead vermouths and vinegards. Always with our own honey production from all over Spain: lemon honey, orange blossom honey, acacia, linden, sunflower, thyme, rosemary, lavander, calluna, heather, buckwheat, honeydew... Most of our meads have been aged in French and American oak barrels.


Several years ago we started a dream and decided to put together our two great passions, beekeeping and winemaking, so as to recover from the past the oldest fermented beverage on earth: mead or honey wine, the drink of the Gods. All our meads are produced with our own different honeys. After three generations of beekeepers, we produce the best organic honeys of Spain from all over the country, as well as their related products (pollen, propolis...).

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